Carla's Column: Stones and Waves

Oh, the JOY of having a……….kidney stone!  Yeeks!  

That was so sarcastic, as actually there is NO joy, not even a hint of it, associated with kidney stones.  Can I get a witness on this?  I am confident that if you have experienced such an intruder that you are already cringing at the thought.

Yes, I have had both natural childbirth and kidney stones and I am here to tell you that the pain is comparable.  The fact that you end up with a baby and can breathe between contractions makes childbirth the better option if one could choose.

However, having kidney stones is not a choice.  The pain comes on with a vengeance and is relentless until that critter passes which could take hours, days or weeks.

As we speak, my husband is dealing with his first kidney stone and is resolved to never drink soda again if that could have in any way caused this awful pain.  People who have shared his plight in the past have been quick to offer suggestions.  

One remedy I find very interesting is that perhaps he should start drinking as much Coke as he can because it is acidic and will soften that stone so it will pass easier.  So, let me think about this.  The very thing that could have contributed to the ailment could possibly aid in taking care of it?

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I am reminded of the story in the Bible when the disciples were out in the boat in the middle of a storm.  As we back up and read the first part of the account in Matthew 14:22, we find that Jesus had insisted that the disciples get in the boat and cross to the other side of the lake.  

So, this storm did not catch Jesus off guard as He knew the course they would be taking.

Likewise, the events that hit us out of the blue are never a surprise to Him. That gives me some peace as I know that He is not panicking and wringing His hands wondering what to do.  I love Psalm 139:5, the verse reminding us that

He goes before us and He follows us and He places His hand of blessing on our heads.

Right there in the midst of all of the wind and the waves, the disciples looked out and saw Jesus walking on the water.  Of course, they were afraid initially because they did not know it was Him.  So, Peter called to Him and said, “Lord, if it is really you, tell me to come to you walking on the water.

Peter stepped out of that boat and started walking on the water while the winds were still howling and the waves were still crashing around the boat. Hmmmm……HE WALKED ON THE VERY THING THAT WAS HIS PROBLEM!  It seems like when Peter was willing to get out of the boat, that the Lord would have calmed that storm so he could walk across smooth water.  Seems like that would have made more sense and would have been helpful to Peter.

BUT, in the MIDST of the storm, Jesus said, “Come”.  

It was not until they both got back in the boat that the wind stopped.   I left the part out of the story that after Peter stepped out and looked at the problem, he started to sink and asked the Lord to save him.

The good news for Peter and for us is that THE LORD SAVED HIM immediately. He did not calm the storm for him, but He reached out His hand and grabbed him.  It doesn’t say how much longer they were on the water, but regardless of that, Jesus was with him.

Oh, that I could be more like Peter!  Yes, the Lord told him that he had “little faith”, but you know, that “little faith” provided what he needed to get out of that boat while the other disciples stayed put.

I am wondering if maybe instead of it being something negative that He had “little faith” that it was possibly something positive.  

What if the tone was, “Look what you did with just a little faith, so why did you doubt?”

I know it may seem like the distance between kidney stones and walking on the water is significant, but if you consider it, my point is easy to spot. The very thing that could have caused the problem could aid in eliminating it.

Peter had “enough” faith to get out of the boat and WALK ON THE VERY THING that was his problem.

This reminds me that the One who allows the storms and directs the wind and waves CAN also SPEAK to them.  Our part is to have faith….even if it is a little.

In the midst of our storms, He says, “Come.  Take your eyes off of the wind and waves and keep your eyes and focus on me.”  So, here I go again slipping my foot over the side of that boat and dipping my toe in the water.  For, it is my FAITH that pleases Him.

Don’t get me wrong, this menopausal woman can cry and plead with God in the midst of the storm and I know He has compassion on me, but at the end of the day, it is not my tears that move Him, but IT IS MY FAITH.

“And it is impossible to please God without faith.  Anyone who wants to come to him must believe that God exists and that he rewards those who sincerely seek him.”  Hebrews 11:6 NLT


Carla Holtz grew up in a cozy Oklahoma town where she was part of a wonderful church and youth group providing the place for her to meet her husband, Randy of now 35 years.  A comfy person is a suitable description of Carla, as she is someone people feel they have known for a long time.  By combining humor with life experiences and the Word, she brings practical wisdom for everyday living through her writings and her opportunities to speak at women’s events. It is her goal to bring encouragement to fellow Christians while living a life that draws people to the Lord. Currently, Carla serves her church in a way which allows her to help people get connected to the body of believers and discover where they can best use their God-given gifts.  Carla and Randy have planted deep roots in their Oklahoma community where they raised their children and now have the blessing of enjoying their grandchildren.

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