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Transforming Tragedy
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Heather Meadows doesn’t hold any impressive titles or positions. She lives a fairly normal life. What she does hold is an incredible story of survival after she and her brother Jon collided with a truck on a country dirt road. 

Eighty-seven percent of her seven-year old body was covered in third-degree burns, coupled with a traumatic heart injury. Doctors calculated a 140 percent chance Heather would die. 

There were so many questions. 

Would she live? Would she be able to walk again? Would she ever find value in her scarred-skin body? 

But the only question she asked was, “Where is Jon?”

This meaningful memoir contains more than a story, but a message. It’s a message of persevering through life’s painful places and overcoming life’s darkest moments. Heather’s story is a real-life illustration of an everyday individual surviving insurmountable odds. Her journey will encourage and inspire you with hope, strength and optimism in facing life’s challenges.

The emotional quality of this book will captivate your heart. The words will resonate within you, engaging your senses to see, hear, feel and taste what happens through each page. It’s a story you’ll continue thinking about well after you close the cover. 

Join Heather as she shares her extraordinary transformation from this heart-wrenching tragedy.

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