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Stories in Print

Here are some of the articles from over the years. I'll share more as we find them. It's been such an honor to share my story each and every time. As you read, you will find some inconsistencies from writer to writer. Each one got the main story across, but some of the details got lost in translation. Nevertheless, I'm grateful for each reporter who felt my story was worth covering. Thank you for allowing me to share it with you; even still.

Video Interviews

A reflection through the early years~

Like the story in print; there are some inconsistencies on information reported in each interview. Overall, these reporters captured my story and shared it with my community. I enjoyed meeting each one of them, and I'm grateful they felt mine was a story worth covering.

It is one of the greatest privileges of my life to work as a NICU Nurse. 
Thank you, Saint Francis for connecting my story and my passion for nursing in this recruitment video.

Thank you Explore Tulsa for sharing our story in this two part segment from December 2015!

Hillcrest, you honored me greatly using our story in 2011 to represent your hospital and the care provided in the Alexander Burn Center