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Label Removal

Everyday we depend on labels to keep things in order and organized. The problem with this tendency to categorize is sometimes we do it to ourselves. The categories, the personality assessments, the boxes we've learned to put ourselves in become less of a benefit to understanding ourselves and more of a hindrance to walking in who we are designed to be. What word is stamped on you that you believe? Join Heather as she walks through confronting the limitations of labels and exploring the words we need to receive, repeat and those we need to rebuke in order to walk in the label we were meant to wear. 

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Care Beyond a Career

Providing health care is more than a career; it’s a calling.  Discover the essential qualities from one who has been on both sides.  Join Heather Meadows as she shares her personal story of surviving a heart injury with third degree burns covering eighty-seven percent of her body, and how those experiences as a patient inspire her work as a nurse today.  Walk away with inspirational elements to continually provide meaningful patient care in this compassionate profession of serving others.

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Incorporating Optimism

Healthcare can be a stressful profession across the disciplines.  The desire for staff to provide complex healthcare related services along with an excellent experience for patients, families and co-workers requires intentional strategies to sustain a culture of optimism.  Join Heather Meadows as she shares her story of surviving a heart injury with third degree burns, and how those experiences as a patient inspire her work as a nurse today.  Explore the impact of a positive mindset on the work environment, and walk away with inspirational elements to continually provide meaningful patient care in this compassionate profession of serving others.

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Live to Serve

Do you ever feel unappreciated or uninspired in your professional life?  Have you ever questioned if what you do really makes a difference or has a lasting effect?  In this unique presentation, Heather shares three practical ways for educational organizations to overcome the obstacles in maintaining passion for their profession.  Through her own personal story of a motorcycle accident which claimed the life of her brother and left her with life-threatening burn and heart injuries, she highlights the support and challenges of continuing her education throughout recovery, rehabilitation, and in returning to the classroom. Academic staff and faculty will walk away from this presentation recharged and refreshed, inspired to serve through their careers and determined to build strong relationships for educational success.

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Tough Cookie

“Tough Cookies don’t crumble.”  Those were the words seven year-old Heather received on a t-shirt after sustaining a heart injury and third degree burns from a tragic motorcycle accident that claimed the life of her nine year-old brother. In this inspiring presentation, Heather revisits the story of that tragic day to share her approach to overcoming physical and emotional pain, and the five characteristics of becoming a tough cookie.

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Ready to be Filled

This message fitting for the holiday season, takes a common gift to a unique treasure. During a time when presents are exchanged, the typical mug is in the mix.  However, when God gives the gift, even the most ordinary can be used for extraordinary purpose.  Join Heather for this Christmas message as she uses a cup to illustrate five conditions of our relationship with the Lord, exploring His plans for the precious cup each one holds. 

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Value One Another

Heather Meadows was a first grade student when she was critically burned in a motorcycle accident that took the life of her nine-year-old brother.  After facing a life-threatening injury, she faced one of her greatest challenges in life—returning to school.  In this anti-bullying and character-building presentation geared toward students of all ages, Heather uses her story to share three challenges of being different, the importance of valuing one another as unique and special, and the safety rules provide.  Teachers can reference the focus points and personal example from this presentation in countless examples throughout the year.

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Even There

Every person is familiar with difficult seasons. Painful places are tucked within the experience of all individuals.  Whether it be short-term or an extended period of time, those experiences and seasons may feel permanent, lonely, and lead to deep despair.  In this personal message, Heather shares her darkest moments battling depression and longing for life to end.  Join her in walking through a time of personal reflection, evaluating three comforting and reassuring reasons to trust God from the deep, and gain the powerful discovery of what’s needed through it all.


Living With Expectation

Expectations can carry a negative tone.  It may imply a defined set of conditions or a not-good-enough standard.   Many view expectations as a precursor to disappointment and failure.  In this two-part message, Heather takes expectations to a level of love. Discovering what we can expect from God and how we can allow Him to work through our lives, shifting expectation into a place of anticipation.  These messages trade hindrance for fuel, bringing excitement to the expectations we hold for ourselves, for others and for God.