Who am I?

We love to play this game in our house. 

It involves mouse ears.

While that’s probably not so surprising, please stay with me.  Even if you’re not the slightest interested in Disney, there is something relevant I aim to share.  Just bear with me through the analogy.  It’ll all come together.

Disney Headbanz is the game.

We all have a headband that sits on our head.  Kind of like a king’s crown.  Except these headbands are not just any regular headband.  They’re mouse ears!

Each player draws a card from the deck and, without looking at the card, inserts it into a clip on the front of our mouse-ears-crown-like headband.  The key is, the player cannot see the character on their card. 

The whole objective is to find out who you are by asking the other players questions.

For help, there’s a card with a list of sample questions to get going.

  • Am I a person?
  • Am I an animal?
  • Am I an object?
  • Am I green?
  • Am I in a movie title?
  • Can I fit in a pocket?
  • Can I fly?
  • Can I swim?
  • Do I have four legs?
  • Do I have fur?
  • Do I live in a castle?
  • Do I wear a dress?

The other players are supposed to answer with a simple yes or no, but our family sometimes, okay, most of the time, adds in more information. 

“Well….you’re kind of an animal, but you’re also a toy.”  Hmmm.  That means I’m probably a character from Toy Story like Ham or Bullseye. 

The point is…

you can’t figure out who you are without the help of the other players


you can’t figure out who you are without asking questions.

It’s humbling to ask questions.  It’s vulnerable to need people.

In this game, and in life, we need both; a humble spirit is key.

Another focus point is how we come about figuring out who we are. 

Much of who we are is influenced by those we choose to be around. 

I mean really. Have you ever been around people who complain about their spouse and before long you start to find things to contribute to the conversation about your own spouse?  Or perhaps maybe those who don’t have the same depth of integrity, who compromise truths or cover up details and before long it doesn’t seem like such a big deal to bend the bar to your benefit for purchases, grades or maybe taxes?

Last point.  Some people think they’re going to find themselves by pouring more into themselves.  But it’s really just the opposite!  You find yourself in giving of yourself.

I think about it kind of like hosting a potluck.  Which I’ve experienced a time or two.  All I do is open up my home and provide a few food items.  But everyone else!  Oh everyone else!  They make it even more.  By the time each person arrives with a dish there is so much food to eat!!! Upon party’s conclusion, we’re all so full we can’t take another bite!  And there’s still a ton left over. Looking at the spread, I know I just received more than what I ever could have provided on my own.  That’s how love works.  When you’re so willing to give it away you receive a buffet more!

So….. some Headbanz Lessons….

1.     Surround yourself with people you’d like to see in yourself.  In some ways we’re all asking people to tell us who we are.  Make sure those people are reading the same book you are, listening to the Voice you want to hear, and strong in the One who wants to use His people to accomplish His plans and purposes in your life.  Make sure they're people who feel secure and happy to see you win too! 

2.     Be humble.  And yes, even though it’s scary, be vulnerable to ask questions.  Of course with some people it may backfire, but when it does, God will grow and strengthen you from it.  Don’t live with walls. 

3.     Give.  Give.  Give.  You’ll walk away even more full than you could’ve ever been keeping it all for yourself.

Oh…. one more, keep Disney Headbanz in mind for the perfect family Christmas gift.  Adding a touch of magic to a living room near you!

Proverbs 11:24-26 The Message ~ The world of the generous gets larger and larger;  the world of the stingy gets smaller and smaller.  The one who blesses others is abundantly blessed; those who help others are helped.


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