Cloudy Day

You know those days that you feel completely frustrated? I just experienced a few of those myself. Four days ago my closet door, which happens to also be the door to our safe room, became jammed. This wouldn’t have been too frustrating of a situation except that it was not discovered until fifteen minutes before I had to leave our house, and I was in my pajamas at the moment! My husband worked for five hours trying to unjam a door that can withstand the force of an F5 tornado, even teleconferencing the instruction of a locksmith. It wasn’t until the next morning at 5:50am that my husband completely sawed the door handle off. He was my knight in shining armor, rescuing our wardrobes, which he and I needed for work that morning.

Three days ago I got some disappointing news that I missed out on getting to move to day shift at work. I don't dislike working nights in particular, it's just sleeping during the day that has presented the greatest challenge to my body. But for the time being, I must buck up and deal with it. Two days ago I was informed that, despite my genuine efforts, I disappointed one of my closet and dearest friends. Furthermore, my children were not up to par on their behavior and the instruction in which their father and I have so diligently poured into them. The consequences heaped on them put a damper on the weekend and further contributed to that consistent feeling of frustration. Today my three year old inquisitively swallowed three dimes. I think. Through questioning I gathered that they were small and silver. He identified dimes as the culprit, but again, he’s three.

My expression here isn’t to vent. My husband fulfills that obligation so admirably. No, my point is to share that nothing terribly bad has to happen for us to feel like we are constantly one step behind and losing at every angle. It’s from the smallest of detail to the most important of relationships that can make us lose our grip and make us feel, well, like losers.

No doubt this feeling of defeat delayed my post. Yesterday my thoughts were bombarded with feelings of inadequacy and failure. Nothing quite gets me down than knowing that others are down on me. Even though I aim to make this blog a place of encouragement, hope and joy, I feel that the Lord wanted me to take just a moment to recognize that yes, we all have crummy days. I’m not speaking of significant loss and tragedy; I’ll save that for another post, because praise the Lord, He’s given me a testimony in overcoming those times as well. No, today is just about picking our head up when all the little things seemed to be stacked against us. When we just want to scratch the day, go to bed early and start over again tomorrow. We all have those days, but what do we do with them? This is what resonated in my heart these last few frustrating days: “I lift up my eyes to the mountains— where does my help come from? My help comes from the LORD, the Maker of heaven and earth.” Psalm 121:1-2. By the way, the entire Psalm is great for a pick me up.

Bless you all as you give glory to the Father in the sunny and cloudy days. He speaks to us in all of them and He makes each one brighter as we seek Him. Need help, just ask. He is always there; even when we’re just frustrated.

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