Be the Difference

It was a very “normal” Monday morning in our home this morning. We were all hustling around getting ready to begin another week of school, activities, errands and work. The day quickly unfolded to be anything but normal. In our hometown, in what I hold as our little “Mayberry”, tragedy hit. A teenage boy made the decision to end his life in the school bathroom. I cannot begin to put into words the heartbreak I feel thinking of the hopelessness he must have felt to carry out that act. My daughter’s school was yards away from the campus in which these events transpired. She is quickly approaching twelve; therefore, was quite aware and very sensitive to the matter. My oldest son, who is 9, overheard conversations and gathered what happened. I ask for the Lord’s guidance and wisdom in addressing these topics with my children. It’s beyond my comprehension, so I know it must be so difficult for them.

Tonight, as I tucked my older children into bed, our conversations surrounded one question: What can we do to make a difference? I used a few examples of people in history who stood up for what was right, even though it wasn’t easy. I explained to them that if they ever knew of someone being bullied that they should stand up for that person, even when it’s not the easy, convenient or the popular thing to do. My son made a point that if we stood up for those being bullied, then they might know how important they are and then have confidence to stand up for themselves.

A simple statement from the mouth of a child, but how often do we overlook it? Just after midnight I posted my weekly blog about our cloudy days. I attempted to communicate that even in those cloudy days we can call to the Lord, who helps us. But how many people do not have that relationship to carry them? How many people have one cloudy day after another until they’re walking in complete darkness? How many people need someone to stand up for them, to bridge that gap for them?

My older children and I ended our discussion with prayer. We prayed for this young man’s family, we prayed for the students and faculty at the school, and we prayed that we would be a light that others would be drawn to, that we could share the hope and love of our Heavenly Father.

Psalm 29:11 The Lord gives STRENGTH to His people, the Lord blesses His people with PEACE.

Believing for supernatural strength and peace in this loss and sadness-

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