Mae’s Message: The world is not enough… but HE IS

Mae’s Message: The world is not enough… but HE IS

Kinsey Lee is a college student pursuing a career as a sports broadcaster. In a culture where we become captivated by positions, titles, and platforms, this young women shares what truly holds steady in world that constantly reminds us we aren’t enough. Please take a moment to read and share with a friend.

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Bless My Little

Our youth pastor has this phrase he prays before we give in the offering.  “Lord, bless our little and make it much.

Bless our little and make it much. 

Do we ever feel like we have a lot to give? 

I sure don’t.  I guess that’s why this phrase really speaks to me.  Sometimes I only have such little to give that it doesn’t seem it could be used to accomplish anything significant.  And this isn’t just about money.  It’s about all of our resources.  Yes, our money, but it’s also about our time, talents and callings.  And sometimes, what the Lord challenges us to give Him may seem so small we miss our opportunity to give it.  Like I nearly did this past January. 

It was the end of service.  I can’t even tell you what our Pastor preached on that particular Sunday morning, but I can tell you what he didn’t preach on.  He did not preach on trotting yourself across to the other side of the church to pray with someone that didn’t even ask for prayer.  No.  He did not preach on that.

However, as the altar call was given and people were invited to find a place to pray, I sat back down in my seat and reverently bowed my head for a time of personal reflection and prayer.  While I can’t remember, all these months later, what the message was about, it’s my routine to let the message sit with me awhile, asking the Lord to evaluate my life and my heart in light of it.  But this particular Sunday morning the minute I sat down a thought came into my mind.  You should go pray for so-and-so. 

It was just a thought.  And I could have dismissed it, but something, or rather, Someone in my heart, made me pause to the notion that it wasn’t just a thought, but rather a nudge to go pray for this so-and-so

Obedience is in constant development for me, and I regret to tell you my initial response.  I’ll just pray for so-and-so right here.  I can intercede for her right here.  And I even began praying!  Then came an interruption to my well-intentioned intercession.  I felt the Lord speak to my heart, “If I can’t trust you to do the little things, how can I ever trust you to do the big things?” 

Oh the little things. 

The little things like this blog here.  My writings I offer out of obedience to what God has placed in my heart. 

Oh the little things. 

The little things like public speaking.  My messages I offer out of obedience to what God has placed in my heart. 

Luke 16:10 jolted me with the challenge to be obedient in what God had stirred my heart to do.  “If you are faithful in little things, you will be faithful in large ones. But if you are dishonest in little things, you won’t be honest with greater responsibilities.”

It may not have seemed like much of a challenge, but I didn’t want to come across to so-and-so as weird.  Nevertheless, I felt there was a bigger picture I could not see, but I trust that God desires to piece that picture together in my life.  A piecing together that requires me to be faithful in the little things. Like praying for someone who I had no clue would want or need my prayer.

I made it through the awkward walk across the sanctuary to this person.  She was standing, with her eyes closed and singing.  And here I was, to interrupt her and inform her God nudged me to come pray with her. 

Gently, I laid my hand on her arm.  She opened her eyes and there I was.  Can we say, “awkward?”

I started with, “So-and-so, I have no idea why, but the Lord laid you on my heart to pray for you.  I began to pray for you at my seat, but He challenged me to come to you to pray for you.  Is there anything specifically I can pray over with you?

You know her answer, don’t you?

Well, if you think it was a divine confirmation of a need she desperately desired someone to agree with about and encourage her in, then I would have to tell you that that is not how it unfolded.  No.  Not at all.  She said, “Well, I can’t think of anything, but I’m always glad to have someone pray for me.” 

Oh dear.  Did I miss the boat?  Or worse.  Did I miss God?

I proceeded to pray for her.  I prayed for her health, for her walk with the Lord that she may continue growing in a renewed passion and love, I prayed for her marriage, for her teenager, for her finances and her opportunities to minister to others.  Gracious.  I prayed for any and everything that possibly popped in my mind.  And when I finished, I hugged her and said, “maybe one day we’ll know what this was all about.”  Meaning maybe one day we would realize why I needed to walk over and pray for her for a need she didn’t even have.

I’m still not sure how it unfolded on her end, but the Lord has been so kind to connect the dots on what it meant for me on my end.

It was all about faithfulness.  It was all about giving Him my little so He can make it much.

I don’t know about you, but I know for me, it’s a little easier to be faithful when I can see and know what’s going on.  Taking blind steps forward, when things don’t quite make sense to me is a little more challenging.  But if we had all the information, it wouldn’t have anything to do with the root of that word.  FaithFaithfulness is doing what God prompts us to do, without having all the information, knowledge and understanding.  It’s getting in the car with Him in the driver seat, having no clue where He’s taking you.

And I would have never imagined Him driving me here, to a place of multiple writing projects including two children’s books, a devotional book, a cookbook and the project my heart continues to beat out with words, my memoir.  Never would I have imagined Him blessing my little in such a way that would require a change to accommodate growth.  Growth.  My little.  Growing.

This growth has presented a question.  How? 

How to cover the cost to:

·      Revamp of our website in order to offer these projects on our online home?

·      Pay for Service for our Website?

·      Print our Brochures?

·      Develop Media Material from Events?

·      Provide Education- to develop me into a better speaker and writer?

·      Buy Pens, Magnets and Chocolates for Speaker’s Table at Events?

·      Have Funds for Giveaways for our Subscribers?

·      Purchase ISBN numbers?

·      Hire an Editor?

My little. 

Again, sometimes I only have such little to give that it doesn’t seem it could be used to accomplish anything significant, or even cover the cost to grow the little.

But God just wants my little, and for me to be faithful in that little. 

So there He nudged me again, yes, to the point of feeling like a weirdo and facing the possibility of rejection.  By the way, side note: faithfulness looks a lot like getting rid of ourselves by humbling ourselves.

In order to continue on with my little, God challenged me to ask for advertisers.  I know that life is about personal connection, and that the Lord works through His people to accomplish His plans and purposes, but good grief, this was an incredibly awkward act of obedience.  I’d have rather walked across the sanctuary ten times over than to ask people to support my speaking and writing endeavors.

You know the story.  It goes right along with what happened when I was nudged to pray for so-and-so.  I wrote a letter to ask businesses to purchase an advertisement on our new website.  I kept the letter for nearly two months.  After finally printing them out and addressing them to the ten people I had on my heart to ask, I held the pile in my hand and asked the Lord to help me understand why I didn’t want to mail them out.

And it came right back down to my little.

What if? 

What if no one responded?  What if not one person would want to purchase an ad after knowing what the ad would provide for me to do? 

Would that mean what I’m doing is not important?  Would that mean what I’m doing has no value? 

And here was my biggest question.

Would I continue doing what God has called me to do, even if not one person sees value in it?

After I resolved to be faithful in the little things, regardless of the outcome of those letters, I mailed them.

Would you be surprised if I told you I mailed them on a Friday and had an ad purchased by Monday morning?  No.  You wouldn’t be surprised.  Because God simply asks us to be faithful in the little things.  Faithful.  Bless my little and make it much. 

I’ve had a few full-on ugly cries by how the Lord orchestrates the details and provides for needs, so personally and creatively.  He brings His people together.  And I would like to introduce you to these people who have come alongside me providing for our growth.  Their ads will run here on our website and be featured on our speaker table for a year. 

I’m so honored to have them here.  Please take a moment to read below who these people are, and why I reached out to them.  These aren’t just advertisers.  This is our online home meaning those you meet here are the type of people you would meet in our actual home.  There is a consistency in the messages you read here and the people you would choose to do business with here.

I pray each of them are blessed in their businesses for allowing the Lord to use them in blessing my little and making it much.

Be brave, humble and faithful.  He wants to do the same in you.

I pray this post spoke to you.  Would you consider supporting this site and our upcoming projects by subscribing to our blog and sharing with others? We can’t grow without you!

Meet Our Advertisers!

Chris and Marcy Leffingwell-

Sometimes I’m at a loss for words.  And when it comes to this couple, it’s just hard to summarize them into a paragraph.  Chris and Marcy have been friends of ours for over twenty years.  They have spoke into our marriage, before our marriage even began, and into our family through celebrations and loss, and now here on our online home with a message reflective of their own life.  Ducis per Ministerium.   The service leader.  I’ve observed this couple in ministry and in business.  Chris began his first business venture out of the same building where my Dad had his office.  To say they were close is an understatement.  My Dad had a strong admiration for Chris’ ambition and integrity, and he knew Chris would be successful in his endeavors because his priority for others was in place.  A true service leader.  Chris specializes in bringing technology to businesses with quality, affordability, performance, and efficiency.  His business represents his service leader principle through the courteous well-trained technicians his company values and provides.  I am deeply honored to have he and Marcy represented here on our online home.

Dr. Nathan Rapp-

Having a baby is one of the most exciting events in life.  It can also be one of the scariest.  As a couple who had four high-risk pregnancies, Brandon and I remember the uncertainty we experienced and the concern we encountered. I also remember how much confidence we had in our doctor.  The peace-of-mind knowing he had the expertise, experience, skill and demeanor to safely deliver our baby was a blessing in those years of our life.  Doctors make all the difference.  Finding the right one is a great treasure.  That’s why I’m so proud of our friend for the gift he is and has been to so many families. I love the instances I’ve been able to hear families and nurses brag on Dr. Rapp.  I feel so proud to say, “He’s a good friend of ours.”  Exactly how I feel regarding the honor of having him advertise on our online home.  In addition to knowledge and skill, Dr. Rapp brings good communication between patients and the staff involved in the patient’s care; he is compassionate, respectful and has a gentle and calm nature. He’s the type of physician families want to walk through the season of bringing their precious miracles into the world.

Trevor Randall, Farmer’s Insurance-

My Dad was an insurance agent and I remember him making comments about how we hope we never need our insurance but are glad we have it when we do.  Brandon and I have experienced that exact circumstance.  We went over sixteen years of our married life never needing to use our insurance, and then back-to-back years we had claims.  I’m sure we could probably shop around for cheaper rates, but we truly get what we pay for with Farmers.  After a severe storm hit our area, we heard numerous families at a loss for what they thought was covered but in the extremely unfortunate moment, found out so much wasn’t.  Farmers has taken care of us.  When life is in disarray because the home is, it’s a blessing having an insurance company help put it back together.  That is how we feel about Farmers.  And this agent is to thank.  Trevor is not only married to my lifelong best friend, practically counted as family himself, but he is the picture of professional.  He conducts periodic reviews of your policy to make sure you have the coverage you need.  Anyone who answers the phone in his office is going to be first and foremost friendly and informative.  Each of them knows insurance and are available to keep it as seamless and simple as possible.  They are Farmers.  (Apologies for any jingles now stuck in your head.)

Dr. Kevin Duffy-

When the topic of orthodontics came up in regard to our first child, Brooklyn, we chose to have her evaluated by someone who came recommended.  Several families in our community had seen Dr. Duffy for orthodontic treatment, and one of our dear friends even worked for him for several years.  Everyone who knew him gave him the highest compliment and the greatest recommendation.  Dr. Duffy saw Brooklyn through braces, and now Jaron too.  He’s also evaluated Caden and Gavin and advised us on the best approach for losing those baby teeth allowing for their permanent teeth to come in.  I wished we would have had Brooklyn and Jaron evaluated earlier, but I can share with you if you have an eight, nine, or ten year-old, call Dr. Duffy for a complimentary assessment.  It may not be time for orthodontics now, but monitoring with a game plan in place can be a fabulous benefit for the treatment process.  And be prepared to meet one of the nicest, most gentle people on the planet.  Dr. Duffy and his entire staff are warm and friendly throughout the entire office.

Byler Media-

There were so many reservations I had about starting this online home.  First, I questioned if anyone would ever even read the writings I had to offer.  But mostly, I hadn’t the faintest clue on how to navigate the technical side of it.  My friend Rhonda came to my house to get us up-and-running nearly five years ago, but she couldn’t hold my hand through every step, and I had a lot of steps to figure out.  It’s been on my prayer list for someone to bring their talents to the design and function of our website.  And God opened the door to Marshall.  Over the last year or so, when I came across websites I liked, I’d jot down the designer.  After having a list of names on my dry eraser board for so long, I decided it wouldn’t hurt to check into one.  I didn’t have the faintest idea what it would cost, but I figured I’d never know until I asked.  Marshall visited with me on the phone about my website, how I use it, and what I wanted to accomplish through it.  And he even offered the suggestion of advertisements.  What’s more is, a few hours after we had ended our call, he sent me an email and said he’d be the first to purchase one.  When it came time for design, I told him I would be a real easy customer, because I didn’t have a creative direction on how it needed to look.  I just knew I wanted it to be easy to navigate and look clean, not too busy.  It’s funny.  I’m sure after we got started Marshall wondered how someone with no direction could be so opinionated.  But he was the absolute best to work with.  He’s been incredibly patient through the transition of re-developing our site, spot-on with my main goal to make it clean, functional and easy to navigate.  I’m honored to have Byler Media represented here on our online home. He has the qualities of integrity, professionalism and creativity.  If you’re considering a web designer, give Marshall a call.

Joanna Ford, Coldwell Bankers-

Brandon and I built our home on family land.  The place we decided to build our home and raise our own children was where I had been raised from birth.  But right after my Dad passed away I had this basic, non-dramatic desire to move.  My husband was supportive and we decided to list our home.  We called someone recommended to us who is the picture of a go-getter, Joanna Ford.  Joanna continuously showed our home, and showed us homes.  She was committed to helping us explore where we needed to live.  After much time on the market, with some hopeful buyers that just never panned out, Brandon looked at me and said, “Babe. We keep praying for the perfect family to buy our home.”  I nodded in agreement and bewilderment as to why it wasn’t happening.  He paused and concluded this thought that rang confirmation in my heart.  He said, “I believe we are that family.” He was right.  And I’m so thankful God kept us right where He wanted us.  And I’m equally as grateful He sent Joanna to walk that season of exploration with us.  She is the link to many homes selling, but she’s not just about the sale.  She is about people.  Joanna genuinely cares about finding the right fit for your family.  If that means selling your home, or helping you buy a home, or even building a home, she has the heart of someone you’d want to walk you through it.  I love most how Joanna says it herself, “I am successful because real estate is not my work but rather it is my joy.”  

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Time for Investing

Investments are a very important piece of an individual’s assets. We research and ask questions about investments because we know it is important for our future. We only have so many years of earning power. As we age, we understand the probability that our bodies won’t have the ability or stamina to maintain a full-time job. Therefore, we take a little of what we make now, to invest for a time to come. We do without a percentage of our earnings, to tuck away, to allow and grow, to use later. Brilliant. Except for when things don’t go as we plan. One of my favorite movies is Cinderella Man, the story of James Braddock, a boxer who exhibited the utmost character in a time of detrimental circumstances. You may be familiar with his story. If not, you’re certainly familiar of the history, the time in October 1929 known as Black Tuesday, when the stock market crashed and the country experienced the ten-year turmoil known as The Great Depression.

Our generation counted it’s own financial losses a few years back. The recession of 2007-2009 had a great negative impact on countless people’s investments. We watched the government step in with the Troubled Asset Recovery Program (TARP) bailing out the banks and the auto industry. The housing bubble and credit crisis provided this generation it’s own experiences with unwanted investment outcomes.

We track portfolios of stocks, bonds, mutual funds, real estate, cash equivalents, certificates of deposit.  We keep records on our 401K and Roth IRA, we watch our stock tickers, we manage our brokerage accounts, we keep tabs on the Wall Street Journal. We work to insure a strong financial future, but how much attention to detail do we invest when it comes to our relationships?

Just like our financial investments there are life investments we must work to build, work to grow, and work to protect if they are worth any value to us. But what happens when a relationship experiences it’s own “crisis” or it’s own “Black Tuesday?” Do we walk away? Count it a total loss? Or do we fight for what we’ve already got in it? Do we fight for what could be recovered, for what could be re-invested?

In every single detail of our life, we must know, there is an enemy on the prowl. This enemy seeks to devour (I Peter 5:8). We know his intent is to steal, kill and destroy (John10:10). But the better news is, we know who wins! We know greater is He who is in you and me, than that loser thief who is in the world I John4:4. (Okay, loose translation on that last one, but stay with me.) The point is, identify the source of the attack. Call it for what it is and face it head on! We are overcomers! Mighty Men (and women) of Valor (Judges 6)!

People are not disposable. They’ll hurt you. They’ll bruise you. They’ll mistreat you. And I’m not talking about strangers; I’m talking about people we have RELATIONSHIPS with. An offense doesn’t have the impact coming from someone we’re not close to, as it does coming from the person we are. So how in the world do we handle those situations?

Again….can’t repeat this enough—know the source. Every good and perfect gift comes from the Father, and the serpent would love nothing more than to destroy it.

Be strong and courageous. Don’t close the door. Don’t walk away. Who wins if you call “uncle” or tap out? People you love are worth fighting for; relationships are worth saving. And it takes a strong, courageous spirit to commit to resolution. Remember what the Lord spoke to Joshua after the death of Moses. Joshua was commissioned to lead the people across the Jordan River into the Promised Land. Three times the Lord told Joshua to be strong and courageous, Joshua 1:6, 7 & 9. Three times! Why did the Lord repeat it? Because it wasn’t an easy assignment. And it wasn’t a simple suggestion. It was a command. When we are faced with having to do something difficult or challenging, remember Joshua 1:9, “This is my command—be strong and courageous! Do not be afraid or discouraged. For the Lord your God is with you wherever you go.”

I highly recommend reading The Bait of Satan. This book about forgiveness points out how the enemy uses offense to bait people. So guard yourself against offense and walk in forgiveness.

Embrace the storm. Another quality point from the book is the concept that when a tree is planted it has a shallow root system. Much like the beginning stages of relationships we form. Storms stimulate the tree to send it roots down deeper for stability. When we face a disagreement or an argument (the storm), we know what the outcome of the relationship can be if both parties refuse offense and reject bitterness (a stronger, deeper more genuine relationship).

Finally, remember, there is life and death in the power of the tongue. Proverbs 18:21, “The tongue can bring death or life; those who love to talk will reap the consequences.” Guard your words. Resist the temptation to share your hurt with any other than the person you need to seek resolution with.

There is a relationship management system far greater than any we can implement for our finances. Seek God’s face. Get in His Word. Pray for wisdom and understanding. Relationships are a very important piece of an individual’s assets in life. Your mutual funds aren’t going to celebrate your life when it’s over at your memorial service. Your IRA isn’t going to tell your children the stories of love and compassion you intend to leave them.

Yes, we only have so many years of earning power. Invest wisely.

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