Carla's Column: God's Love Letter to Me

Any of us who have walked with the Lord for a while know that He can accomplish in an instant, what we can never complete in a lifetime.  That is how it is with writing for me, in that, sometimes the words flow and other times not so much.  

Eleven years ago in October, I was going through a tough season as I dealt with the betrayal of a friend.  I remember the Lord impressing upon me to get out a piece of paper and just write.  The words came so quickly that when I was finished I felt that I should type it out while I could still read my own almost illegible handwriting.

So, I want to share what I call, GOD’S LOVE LETTER TO ME.  Read it as if GOD IS TALKING TO YOU ABOUT ME.  Here is it: 

Hey, you see that girl over there?  Actually, she is a woman because she is 45.  That really doesn’t matter to me because 1 day is as 1,000 to me. So really, who’s counting?

It’s hard to believe, but I knew her before she was even born.  Even before this whole earth was created, I knew her and knew that she would be at this place at this time in her life.  Really, she was created for such a time as this. 

A time when she can really find out who I Am. A time when she realizes that being independent is not all it’s cracked up to be. You see, she needs me even more than she realizes. She’s very confident and a bit selfish, but still I love her dearly.  I think about her so often that I wonder how I ever get anything else done.  I’m so proud of her that if I had a refrigerator, her picture would be on it.  At times she disappoints me, but she is still the Apple of My Eye.

It’s so hard for her to really know the depths of my love.  Because of her and my desire to have a relationship with her, I sent my only Son to die for her sins. 

Yes, I know, there have been many times when she thought she was perfect and didn’t really need a Savior.  But now, she knows that only a God who loves her completely can forgive her completely and heal a very broken heart. 

I’m so excited because it’s like she is finally getting it.  She realizes that I have been here all along waiting to give her the desires of her heart and knowing that she will be fulfilled when she walks in the plans I have for her.

Yes, she has led a blessed life, but I have a greater plan for her.  

I’ve had a time trying to convince her that she needs to set goals realizing that nothing is too hard for Me.  The problem is that she has a finite mind and I am an infinite God. She isn’t thinking high enough and is limiting Me. 

I’ve given her a glimpse at what I have for her, but she has to trust Me in order to walk in the fullness thereof.  Does that make sense?  So many times people will limit Me, and basically put a ceiling on what I want to accomplish in and through them. Someone needs to get thru to her because, after all, she is 45 and needs to be getting on with things. 

I would so love to tell you the plans I have for her, to prosper her and not to harm her, to give her a future and a hope.  The only thing I need her to do, and I’m not minimizing how tough this is, but I need her to totally, I mean totally, trust Me

You see, sometimes she thinks she knows everything and has a better way.  That is so limiting her.  I have her poised in the right position to fulfill My plan for her life.  As soon as we get this trust issue worked out, she will see the plan unfold. 

I love her so much. When I think about her, I smile and I look forward to our time together.  Yes, she thinks she’s busy, so sometimes I’ll wait all day just staring at her and shaking my head.  If she’d take a second to look up, she’d see Me and hear Me ask if I can help. 

Have you ever cared about someone so much that you couldn’t get that person off your mind? That is so how I am with her.  I really wish she was that way about Me.  The hold up in this relationship is not Me, but her. 

She’s coming along, though, and I’m delighted to give her everything that has been at her disposal all the time. She has a bank account she doesn’t even know about that is full and will never get depleted.  You see, because she accepted Jesus, she is a joint-heir of everything I own which, by the way, is everything. 

She has more than won the lottery. As long as she knows My voice and will only listen to me, I can use her.  When she thinks she has a better way, well, then she’s on her own.  

She needs my peace right now and I will not withhold anything good from My child.  After all, I did leave my peace for her.  

I’m excited for our future together.  She knows so many wonderful people who will listen to her.  I can use her mouth and influence for My good.  

Yes, I’ve waited 45 years for such a time as this when she lines her will up with My perfect will.  My child, whom I love dearly, will not want for any good thing.


Perhaps, you can read it again as God’s Love Letter to YOU!  God is a God who SEES us where we are and He wants to remind us of His overwhelming love for us!

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Carla Holtz

. . . grew up in a cozy Oklahoma town where she was part of a wonderful church and youth group providing the place for her to meet her husband, Randy of now 35 years. A comfy person is a suitable description of Carla, as she is someone people feel they have known for a long time. By combining humor with life experiences and the Word, she brings practical wisdom for everyday living through her writings and her opportunities to speak at women’s events. It is her goal to bring encouragement to fellow Christians while living a life that draws people to the Lord. Currently, Carla serves her church in a way which allows her to help people get connected to the body of believers and discover where they can best use their God-given gifts. Carla and Randy have planted deep roots in their Oklahoma community where they raised their children and now have the blessing of enjoying their grandchildren.

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