Carla's Column: Patterns

I am wondering if the words Simplicity or McCall’s conjure up any images in your mind.  

For me, I see pictures of rectangular envelopes displaying items on the front that can be made from the particular pattern that is inside.  Yes, back in the day, when people would sew their clothing, instead of purchasing it ready-made, there were patterns to guide you in creating just the right garment in your size. On the back of the pattern, there would be a list of things one would need to complete the project such as: how much fabric was needed, what size zipper, the number of buttons, etc.   

Choosing the color and type of material was always the fun part.

However, once these items were gathered there was much work to be done. 

The first thing was to actually open the pattern only to find tissue-paper-thin sheets outlining the garment pieces in three sizes.  After deciding which size would work, you painstakingly cut out the pattern including the little notches by following the line for your size.


This was tedious work for a young 4-Her who really just wanted to be outside.  Entering the Dress Revue contest was more about what my mom and 4-H leader thought I should do than what I wanted to do.  It really was not an option for me, so I succumbed to it.  Back in the day, we did things we really did not want to do on occasion. Perhaps that was a bit sarcastic.  (Smile, Smile)

My frustration started with cutting out that dadgum (is that a word?) pattern!  If the pattern was not right, and those little notches did not line up, then the whole project could be sabotaged.  After finishing the cutting, I would pin the pattern to the material making sure it all fit, and learning words like selvage, which is an edge produced on fabric that prevents it from unraveling. By the way, I have yet to use that word, until now, since my teen years.

I am sure you can tell that sewing is not my strong suit.  Many tears were shed late at night as I sewed, messed up, and had to rip out the stitches that were not straight. I became very familiar with a ripper!  You see, those judges at the Dress Revue were going to flat pick that thing apart.  In the early years, when I made a tote bag, I could get by with a few mishaps.  However, when I made a dress that did not hang on me evenly, that was very noticeable.

Thank God I am not dependent on my sewing skills for the things I wear! 

Once when my daughter, Jordan, was younger, she came into a room to see me attaching a button on a shirt and she exclaimed, “Mom, I did not know you could sew!”  

Oh, yes, I can sew enough to get by, but I ripped out way, way too many imperfect seams to ever want to go down that road again.  

(Plus, I would probably need my peepers to see, to thread the needle on the machine.  I am just keeping it real.)

I go back to that pattern, oh, that pattern!  That is where it all started in trying to get things exactly right. 

I am so very thankful that Romans 12:2 directs us “not to conform to the PATTERN of this world, but let God transform you into a new person by changing the way you think.  Then you will learn to know God’s will for you, which is good and pleasing and perfect.

This world is presenting some patterns that we definitely do not want to follow.  

These are things that we know to be wrong, yet we embrace them in order to fit in and be like everyone else. Even though I have read Romans 12:2 many times, I saw something lately for the first time.  

The key to knowing God’s will for my life is for me not to follow the pattern of this world, but to allow God to transform me by CHANGING THE WAY I THINK. 

So many times we wonder what God’s will is for us.  It is only after we allow the Lord to renew our minds, that we can learn to know His will.

In conclusion, if you were wondering…. have I sewn since my 4-H days?  Why, yes, I have sewn on many, many buttons! (Wink, Wink)

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Carla Holtz

. . . grew up in a cozy Oklahoma town where she was part of a wonderful church and youth group providing the place for her to meet her husband, Randy of now 35 years. A comfy person is a suitable description of Carla, as she is someone people feel they have known for a long time. By combining humor with life experiences and the Word, she brings practical wisdom for everyday living through her writings and her opportunities to speak at women’s events. It is her goal to bring encouragement to fellow Christians while living a life that draws people to the Lord. Currently, Carla serves her church in a way which allows her to help people get connected to the body of believers and discover where they can best use their God-given gifts. Carla and Randy have planted deep roots in their Oklahoma community where they raised their children and now have the blessing of enjoying their grandchildren.

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