Carla's Column: The Privilege

Life can be so challenging and just flat out hard at times.  I have heard it said that either we are in a crisis, heading into a crisis or just coming out of a crisis.  Anyway you look at it, the word crisis is never appealing.

So, this morning I just had to remind myself of some things that are true about some of the privileges I have as a child of the living God. 

It is easy to forget when the waters rise that the God of the universe knows where I am and cares about every single detail of my life.

Yes, He knew I would be in this exact place at this time going through these challenges.  And, He also knows those things about you.  Some things might take us by surprise, but nothing catches Him off guard.

In fact, He told us in Psalms 37:23 that, “He directs the steps of the godly and He delights in every detail of their lives.”  You know as well as I do that there are many details in our lives.  And, even if you are a self-proclaimed non-detail person, there are still things that require your attention. Nothing surprises Him.  He is just not shaking His head and saying, “I sure did not see that coming.”

I have to remember that He sings over me and that He has never had a bad thought about me. Never. His plans for me are good!

He just all out loves me and is crazy about this 55-year-old woman who sometimes makes bad choices and decisions and then also gets wrapped up in the things other people are going through.

While famous people and dignitaries have an entourage of security, the God who created it all and whose Holy Spirit resides in us is very approachable.  In most cases, we could not get close to an important person to get a selfie to let others know that we were in the same place as someone special.

However, we have direct access 24/7 to commune with our Lord and take selfies with Him all day long because He is ever present, all knowing and He is all powerful.  And, I am sure He is very photogenic and always smiling.  There would be no duck face or straight face.  We could not wipe that smile off His face as He stands there with His chest out saying, “This one is mine!  I am super proud of this child!

While I might have to ask Him to look forward for the pic and stop singing and rejoicing over me for just a minute, I think I will truly only capture His profile as He will not take His eyes off of me.  Maybe the best picture I could capture would be of both of our profiles as I come to the place where I refuse to take my eyes off of Him.

You know, we have become a people who really do not like to wait.  Even in amusement parks, passes that allow you to move to the front of the line or give you unlimited access to the venue are available to purchase.

When we realize that “because of Christ and our faith in Him, we can now come boldly and confidently into God’s presence,” we have the ULTIMATE MEGA PASS.

What a privilege to be in God’s presence! What a privilege to take those things that are weighing us down today and cast them onto Him knowing that He cares for us.  What a privilege to receive His unconditional love, forgiveness, mercy and grace in our lives on a daily basis!

Back in the day, I used to sing this song that reminds me of the privileges I have as a child and friend of God.  It simply says, "What a friend we have in Jesus, all our sins and griefs to bear, and what a privilege to carry everything to God in prayer.”

My friend, take advantage of the privilege today to go boldly and confidently right into God’s presence.  Because of Jesus and your faith in Him, it is your right and He is expecting you.



Carla Holtz grew up in a cozy Oklahoma town where she was part of a wonderful church and youth group providing the place for her to meet her husband, Randy of now 35 years.  A comfy person is a suitable description of Carla, as she is someone people feel they have known for a long time.  By combining humor with life experiences and the Word, she brings practical wisdom for everyday living through her writings and her opportunities to speak at women’s events. It is her goal to bring encouragement to fellow Christians while living a life that draws people to the Lord. Currently, Carla serves her church in a way which allows her to help people get connected to the body of believers and discover where they can best use their God-given gifts.  Carla and Randy have planted deep roots in their Oklahoma community where they raised their children and now have the blessing of enjoying their grandchildren.

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