Carla's Column: Write It Down and Run!

Remember when? 

Remember when you could recall things easily when you were younger and then as time went on it took a while longer to search the archives of your mind? 

Oh, yes, I am so there.

Sometimes I can visualize a dog moving its head to the side when you speak to it.  Which is what I tend to do when trying to retrieve a memory.  It is as if that slight head turn to the right, and the movement of my eyes, will jar just the right folder of information loose.

Being the eternal optimist, I still believe I can recall things without making lists or writing stuff down.  Of course, I also thought I could memorize the eye chart so that when the optometrist came in for the exam he would not recommend glasses.  What I found was that my eyesight, and memory, had both slipped a bit.  Oops!

So, I’m glad I occasionally get out a piece of paper and write down what is on my mind. 

Honestly, I tend to do that more when times are hard and I am struggling.  Perhaps that is why people journal and even write down their prayers. It just helps to VENT.  You know?

Today I came across a true confession I had made on August 11, 2017, that was scratched out in my hard-to-read handwriting in a notebook.  At least it was not on some scrap paper.  Which is usually what I grab when wanting to jot down what is on my mind. 

As I read the words, I barely remembered writing them. I was distraught and searching for an outlet.  However, on that day, a vision was cast that I would like to share with you. 

So, here is where I was on that day in August.

After a hard and emotional day yesterday with my business and relationships heavy on my heart, I believe I need to write down a VISION of what the Lord has for me as I finish out my days.  I would like to be at the place in my life where:

1.    I can commit to monthly sponsoring two missionaries I met in El Salvador.

2.    I am ready to speak to one, or many, about the faith and hope I have in Jesus that they can have also.

3.    I want to spiritually be exactly where the Lord can use me.

4.    I want to encourage people through cards, sharing lunch, gifts and visits.

5.    I want to have an impact on my kids and grandkids that prompts them to want to serve the Lord and others.

6.    I want to travel to the ocean and the mountains to be refreshed in God’s beauty.

However, right now, today I want to run away.

Oh, the honesty, and perhaps even selfishness in regards to number six on that list.  I have to admit that the ocean is my happy place and there is nothing like hiking up a beautiful mountain. 

Truth is, I had forgotten completely about those things front and center on my mind and heart on that August day.

Yes, those things are definitely what I want to be about the remainder of my life.  A few things might change or evolve in the coming years, but all give me great purpose.  The kicker is.... 

I completely forgot about that entry in the notebook that day! Until today! 

There is great truth in the phrase, “The Weakest Ink is Stronger than the Sharpest Memory.”

Perhaps that is why Habakkuk wrote in chapter 2 verse 2, “Then the Lord answered me and said, “Record the vision and inscribe it on tablets, that the one who reads it may run.” 

Can I encourage you today to write down the vision the Lord has given you with a pen, or on your smart phone?

And then, do what I am going to do- put it where I can see it so I can run with it, because as Habakkuk goes on to say in verse 3, “For the vision is yet for the appointed time, it hastens toward the goal and IT WILL NOT FAIL.

Write the visions down!  Then run toward toward them!  

 Proverbs 29:18 Where there is no vision, the people are unrestrained.



Carla Holtz grew up in a cozy Oklahoma town where she was part of a wonderful church and youth group providing the place for her to meet her husband, Randy of now 35 years.  A comfy person is a suitable description of Carla, as she is someone people feel they have known for a long time.  By combining humor with life experiences and the Word, she brings practical wisdom for everyday living through her writings and her opportunities to speak at women’s events. It is her goal to bring encouragement to fellow Christians while living a life that draws people to the Lord. Currently, Carla serves her church in a way which allows her to help people get connected to the body of believers and discover where they can best use their God-given gifts.  Carla and Randy have planted deep roots in their Oklahoma community where they raised their children and now have the blessing of enjoying their grandchildren.


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