Merry Christmas from The Meadows

Psalm 21:6 ESV “For You make him most blessed forever; You make him glad with the joy of Your presence.”

This family wraps up 2015 with overwhelming gratitude for the Lord’s presence. Like every year, there were abundant moments of goodness, but this year contained those challenges none of us desire to encounter. While we pray we have grown and developed into more of who He desires us to be, it is for His presence that we are glad, with the joy only He can provide, in all seasons of life.

Brooklyn turned 14 on March 4th. Perhaps her biggest news is that the barn acquired a resident! Gray Boy came to our family in July. Brooklyn has always had a fondness for animals, but it’s pretty spectacular to observe the bond built between a girl and her horse. We pray it’s a relationship that will carry her through life’s many winding roads. Her passion for animals inspired her to join Ag. And through their contests she has discovered her talent as a speaker!

Jaron is gearing up to turn 12 on 12/23. Sometimes I think nothing much has changed—he still loves anything with a ball involved- in particular, basketball and soccer. He’s got a theatrical niche too, performing “My Girl” for the school talent show and playing the trumpet in the 6th grade band. He’s president of the National Elementary Honor Society and VP for the 6th grade. Guess his diplomatic nature serves in more areas than just home.

Caden hit his last year of single digits on August 15th. He spent the spring in gymnastics, the fall in soccer and has just started basketball. We always say Caden is so “go-with-the-flow.” He’s rarely lacking a smile. Between the schedules and hormones in this house, his personality is a great balance and great blessing. He’s a happy 9 year-old enjoying 3rd grade-life to the fullest.

Gavin was 6 on July 13th. Seems as though he has traded in his guarded, quiet personality for one of leadership laced with some humor. We were stunned to hear the report of his demeanor during parent/teacher conferences. He’s really come out of his shell. In the fall, he played soccer; however, was not a fan. Nor did he wish to sign up for basketball. At the moment, he’s debating between returning to gymnastics for the spring or giving baseball a hit.

Brandon marked his third year with QPS Engineering in August and I marked my third with Saint Francis’ NICU in July. But “work” looked a little different this year, as we’ve stepped into the calling for more opportunities in public speaking.

The Lord opened various doors this year using our desire to encourage and inspire others—women’s groups, retreats, schools, churches, nursing schools, and a student nursing convention. A local television show, Explore Tulsa, recently covered our endeavors. And by far, the most incredible experience was our travels, as a family, to Massachusetts over the summer. We were given a website at the request to come and speak. We had the privilege of sharing during a Saturday women’s breakfast and Sunday morning service. The time there was indescribable. God gave us far more than a website in Joel and Lori Pacheco, He gave us a special friendship we brought back over the 1600 miles home.

Whichever way 2015 may be closing out, whether it be one of challenge or elation, one of trial or celebration, we pray you feel His presence. Right there, in His presence, is the joy of this season, and every day thereafter.

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