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Teasing was considered a love language in my home growing up. If anyone knows my oldest brother, Barry or knew my Dad, then you know how quickly amusing moments became. That sense of humor gave me quite the feeling of acceptance this past week. Another nurse and respiratory therapist were teasing me about how I got teary eyed after a delivery a few weeks ago. See, the NICU attends a lot of deliveries and many of those babies we are able to assess and take to newborn nursery. That's the good news. But it's surprising to me how many families are NOT present at the newborn nursery window oohing and awing over their newest addition.

One particular night, we went to a C-section, caught the baby, assessed, ID'd and transported to newborn nursery. Dad accompanied the baby as usual, but when the nursery nurse opened that window there were a slew of people with cameras and smiles and tears pointing at their greatest little treasure. That brand new baby. It warmed my heart, because sadly enough, not all babies are received in that manner.

Well, to make light of my sensitivity, my coworkers teased me this last week about the deliveries I attended; asking me if I was going to get choked up and so on. Silly girls. This progressed on to joking about the way I tend to look for the good in conversations or situations.

I really felt like I belonged. It was those light hearted interactions that only people have when they're comfortable with one another. Like my crazy family did. But it got me thinking. What wires me to look for the positive in things? And that again, goes right back to my family. My parents were two of the most positive people I've known.

My Mom & Dad instilled in me, at a very young age, not to focus on the negative. We can see the obvious and accept reality, but we don't let it become our focus. This mentality is reflected right here on this blog. It’s where the “blessed journey” stems from.

I learned early what makes a person "blessed." Is it all the wonderful things that happen in one’s life? Is it a faithful spouse or obedient children? Is it financial prosperity or career advancements? No. While these all are definitely counted as blessings, those circumstances don't determine if we are indeed blessed.

Psalm 139:5, “You go before me and follow me. You place your hand of blessing on my head.” A blessed life is knowing that we have a loving God who is with us through the good times and bad. No circumstance we face is unfamiliar to Him. That is security! It is actually the unpleasant times that make me realize how blessed I am, to know that I’m not alone and that I will make it through. When we can find the good in situations, the benefit, the lesson, the opportunity for growth, then it's impossible to not feel blessed. And that knowledge affects our outlook. It’s the basis for a positive attitude. It’s joy and happiness regardless.

Be blessed in your journey.

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