My Greatest Dream

I have several accomplishments the Lord has blessed me with in my life. To name them would merely take up room and be insignificant in comparison to my proudest accomplishment and biggest dream come true. It’s a moment that happened twelve years ago today. A day I received a gift that I grew up fearing I may never have. My life changed when a precious baby girl was born. Brooklyn Nicole Meadows arrived five weeks early, to what I would consider much protest. I was preeclamptic and had to be induced. Our exciting, and might I add nerve racking, adventure started the morning of Thursday, March 1st 2001. Brooklyn made her debut at 11:24p.m. on Sunday, March 4, 2001.

While waiting for Brooklyn’s delivery, I had a lot of time to reflect on our journey. It was one that didn’t start with a positive EPT. No, this story went back to a small burn center where a little girl lay fighting for her life. Walking, romance and children were not in the picture; living was the only objective. But what happens after the miraculous healing? What happens when a child is alive, but faced with uncertainties almost too unbearable for an adult to handle? Well, I don’t know the right answer, but I know what I did. I dreamed.

I dreamed of that simple childhood rhyme, “first comes love, then comes marriage, then comes baby in a baby carriage.” My dream got more specific with maturity; a husband and home, a dog and lots of kids. But my insecurities and my self-image had me doubt my dream, even when it started coming true, I was still uncertain.

Brandon and I discussed our plan for a family in premarital counseling. I wanted to be very upfront that there was a big possibility that I wouldn’t be able to have a baby; heavy decisions for an eighteen year old boy. But our love was divine and he was committed regardless. And to our immense delight, we found out we were expecting shortly after our first anniversary.

From my life experiences I have come to believe that the greatest accomplishments come with the greatest challenge. Those life defining moments have been something I’ve fought for, and becoming a mom was no different. At our first prenatal visit, I had my obstetrician inform me that due to the repair on my aorta and the risk associated with me delivering a baby, that she was strongly advising we terminate our pregnancy.

I couldn’t believe the Lord would give me a baby that I might die having. It was a time that I had to walk in complete trust. I stood on Jesus’ words in Matthew 19:26, “With man this is impossible, but with God all things are possible.”

This continued to resound in my heart when we went to the hospital to be induced. I had many emotions. I was concerned for my baby’s safety. I was scared with the unfamiliar terminology. I was insecure about the assumptions being made because of my young age; feeling the need to explain how deeply I desired and already loved my baby.

The day Brooklyn was born ORU was broadcasting a group called The Martins. They sang a song just for me. Not really. But God gave me what I needed in the time I needed it. The words welled up in my soul as they fell upon my ears.

I believe that anything is possible if we understand who Jesus is I believe there's nothing that can stop us if we learn to dream like Jesus did So don't limit your ambition to what's commonly defined God has a special heart for those who walk outside the line Don't be afraid to spread your wings and fly It doesn't hurt to try If you're gonna dream...

Dream big It's the Lord's desire for you to Dream big In everything you say and do You'll see your greatest dream come true 'Cause all of Heaven is dreaming big for you

I received the greatest gift in my life three weeks before my twentieth birthday. My baby girl was placed in my arms and I became a Mom. The impossible was possible. My dream had come true. And it comes true every single day that I get to be the Mom to her and our three boys. I believe my children’s existence was far greater than me. The Lord would have blessed someone with these precious souls, and I’ve been given the greatest honor that He chose me.

Be blessed today as you walk outside the line; as you dream your greatest dream.

Hawaii Photography - Photographer Anthony Calleja

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